Bunker Hill a special place

5 11 17

To the editor:

Bunker Hill is a special town and I can prove it. Not long ago a group of us put our heads together and discovered we have 44 confirmed community service groups. The 45th group is the largest because it is the endless stream of anonymous volunteers that quietly support this community whether it is by baking cupcakes for a fundraiser, selling soft drinks during ballgames or by donating a dollar or two for good causes.

If you are not math challenged, take our town of 1,800 and divide it by 44. We have a community service group for every 41 persons. Isn’t that impressive? This is a town that cares about others. We all wave to each other as if we were in a parade.

It doesn’t take a new person long to see that no matter how much community service they do, nobody seems to notice. The reason for that is community service is a tradition here, it is expected and it’s who we are.

It is important to note Bunker Hill is not measured by the farms or expensive housing subdivisions; this town is measured by the quality and giving nature of the people who live here.

I challenge every other Macoupin County community to count their community service groups and see how they measure up to Bunker Hill, the leader in community service.

James K. Goltz