A brief lesson in recent history

To the editor:

First, a brief lesson in recent history: Four years ago, voters in the 95th Legislative District re-elected Wayne Rosenthal, a Republican with a proven record of representing his district, as State Representative. Sensing that Rosenthal was too independent to reliably support his agenda, newly elected Governor Bruce Rauner elevated Rosenthal to a cabinet position shortly after Rauner was sworn in, thereby removing a potential obstacle. There were numerous qualified contenders to replace Rosenthal, but when the new State Rep was named, it turned out to be an unknown 22-year-old college student whose main qualification for office was her willingness to support Rauner’s every whim. That’s how Avery Bourne replaced the State Representative that voters in the 95th had actually elected.

If carrying water for the Rauner administration is the standard for judging job performance, Bourne has done an exemplary job. She has consistently supported the Rauner agenda, voting to support his proposals or conveniently absenting herself from the chamber when called upon to vote on bills he opposed. It is not a stretch to say Bourne shares responsibility for the state languishing for three years without a budget because of Rauner’s recalcitrance.

That is only one reason I am supporting Dillon Clark in the race for State Representative. Dillon has a keen understanding of how Rauner’s fiscal policies (or lack thereof) have negatively impacted small businesses and middle class wage earners in the 95th district. As a member of the Montgomery County Board, he has been involved with making tough financial decisions to maintain services to constituents in the face of dwindling tax revenues. Most important, he is committed to representing the citizens of his district rather than representing the governor.

Four years ago, the Governor removed the Representative we elected and replaced him with his own proxy. This year voters have an opportunity to correct that travesty by electing someone who will genuinely represent his constituents. After four years, it’s time for the 95th District to again have a representative in the statehouse. Please join me in voting for Dillon Clark.

Timothy L. Fogle,