Bourne questions intent behind expansive abortion bill

Bourne questions intent behind expansive abortion bill


Enquirer Democrat Reporter

On June 12 Governor J. B. Pritzker signed House Bill 25, a bill concerning abortion rights designed to free up previous legal restrictions, with much of its development largely in response to the increasing legislative restrictions on abortions passed recently in other states like Missouri, Georgia and Alabama.

The legislation on HB 25 was quickly pushed through, but not without vocal resistance, mainly from House Representative Avery Bourne (R – Raymond). Her fellow Republican legislators gave up their time and stood solemnly by, allowing her to deliver an impassioned speech for nearly an hour.

Recently Rep. Bourne came to the Enquirer-Democrat offices to offer more of her insights on the issue.

“From a brick and mortar perspective, the bill will reduce their licensing and inspection requirements,” Bourne said. “It allows non-doctors to perform medical abortions.”

Medical abortions, or medication abortions, are procedures that use medication to end a pregnancy in the first trimester. According to the Guttmacher Institute, a nonpartisan reproductive research institute, “the overall success rate using this protocol is 95 to 99 percent, higher than the 92 percent success rate using the regimen approved in 2000,” and “evidence shows that medication abortion is safe. Serious complications requiring hospitalization for infection treatment or transfusion occur in fewer than 0.4 percent of patients under the updated protocol.”

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