Blackburn hosts Baccalaureate Friday night

Blackburn hosts Baccalaureate Friday night

5 18 17

Ruling Elder Luis Antonio De La Rosa, interim executive director of the Presbyterian Mission Agency, was the guest speaker at the Blackburn Baccalaureate Friday evening at Bothwell Auditorium.

The scripture reading prior to the guest speaker’s sermon was Psalm 49, recited by Alexander Myrick, Class of 2017.

De La Rosa’s speech focused primarily on when greed stopped becoming a sin, as well as having the students try to uphold their own legacy.

“It’s a far more difficult task of advancing your legacy,” De La Rosa said. “Your legacy endures long after you perish. Investing your time, your talents, your treasure of your legacy can reap rewards on people you care deeply about and also on persons whom you have no relation.”

De La Rosa received a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Divinity and Juris Doctor degrees from Yale University.

He said that how you will be remembered after your time on earth is complete will say a lot about the person.

“I hope in prayer, people will remember you at your memorial service, and not be reciting the 49th psalm,” De La Rosa said. “But rather, singing a hymn of praise and thanksgiving for both a life well lived and for the wonderful gift you have left behind.”

After the processional Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, by Dr. See Tsai Chan, pianist, Dr. Carter Aikin led the Call to Worship and Invocation.

The hymn God, You Spin the Whirling Plantes was then performed, followed by introductions by Blackburn President Dr. John Comerford.

Aikin then addressed the Litany of Thanksgiving, followed by the Choir Anthem River in Judea by the Blackburn College Choir.

All Over the World was performed by the choir following the sermon. Aikin then read a prayer for the graduates, written by Jennifer Hardin, then gave the benediction.

The Lord Bless You and Keep You choral response by the choir was then followed by the recessional “I’ll Fly Away” by Chan on the piano.