Blackburn files suit against Springfield firm

Blackburn files suit against Springfield firm

CARLINVILLE (Feb. 22, 2018) – Blackburn College has filed a suit for damages of over $600,000 against Henson Robinson Co. of Springfield for five counts related to the installation of an HVAC unit at Jewell Hall in 2012.

The college is suing for breech of contract, negligence, negligence representation, and Breach of Fiduciary Duty against Henson Robinson.

The lawsuit states that in May of 2012, Blackburn accepted a bid from Henson-Robinson to install a climate control system for Jewell Hall, a dormitory on the campus.

After the system was installed in 2012, there were problems with the functionality. The suit alleges that the design did not fit the space available for the piping within Jewell Hall.

In August, 2013, mold began appearing during the fall semester, and in October, 2014, students began reporting mold in the dorm rooms.

Between October, 2014 and 2016, the college worked hard to clean the dormitory, but by Dec. 2016, students had to vacate Jewell Hall.

The college paid residents to move their possessions to storage areas while cleanup took place. Mold was discovered in virtually every room in the building.

After hiring a consulting firm, it was determined that the mold was attributed to the improper design of the HVAC unit, causing students being forced to vacate the facility. The consultants found extreme levels of humidity trapped in the dormitory by the system flaw.

The college is seeking damages of $200,000 for mold cleanup and $400,000 to remove the old system and eventually place a new HVAC unit within Jewell Hall.

Henson-Robinson declined comment on the pending litigation, as per company policy.