The biggest bomb ever

Editor’s note: Though we are not allowing political letters from now until after the Nov. 6 election, this one is being printed because it was submitted for last week’s paper but was inadvertently omitted.

To the editor:

The biggest bomb ever dropped on America is a “thought bomb,” changing the thought processes of a multitude of people. People who once believed, and held out for the truth, now willingly believe a lie. The liberal media is quite adept at promoting lies as well. People today are deceived and have become unscriptural in their thought processes.

At one time, Senator Dick Durbin earlier in his political career was “pro life,” until he ran for the U.S. Senate in 1996. It was at this time that Dick Durbin changed his position on this issue to “pro-abortion.” He has since supported pro-abortion laws, Planned Parenthood, and NARAL (National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws). Pro Choice America gave Durbin a 100 percent rating, while the National Right to Life Committee gave him a “0” (zero) rating.

In my opinion, Senator Dick Durbin is a political opportunist and blows with every wind of doctrine. At any rate, it was Senator Durbin’s stance on abortion that led the Springfield Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church to make an ecclesiastical censure withdrawing him the sacraments of taking Holy Communion at the Blessed Sacrament Parish in Springfield. This was done several years ago by his parish priest in response to Canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law.

It’s high time that we stop anti-Catholic Democrats from blocking President Trump’s drive to transform the Supreme Court and other federal courts in this country.

The battle for the Supreme Court has begun, and the radical left has declared war on everything we hold dear to us. We need to come together and stand for what is right, because it is going to affect generations to come.

I believe that the elimination (even outlawing) of God’s influence from American public life over the past half-century has done enormous damage to America. It has even become a criminal offense (a hate crime) in America (at least in many states) to express opposition to same-sex marriage and the homosexual political agenda.

Without question, the Democratic Party has become the anti-Catholic party. What Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee did to Amy Barrett during her confirmation hearings is proof.

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois disdainfully asked her, “Do you consider yourself an Orthodox Catholic?” It was obvious from his tone of voice that Senator Durbin believed that Amy Barrett’s Catholic faith disqualified her from being a federal judge. He went on to say that her Catholic faith “was of concern to him.”

Democratic Diane Feinstein also piled on her anti-Catholic bigotry when, at this same hearing, she told Amy Barrett that “her dogma lives loudly within her.”

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee recently declared that pro-life Americans are no longer welcome in the Democratic Party. Even Andrew Cuomo has stated that there “is no place” for pro-life voters in New York state anymore. That’s how radical the Democratic Party has become. Platform leads to consequences.

Hillary Clinton in one speech went on to say, “laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated religious beliefs have to be changed.”

I hope that this letter helped to educate Catholic voters on the upcoming mid-term elections. If so, I have done my job as a concerned citizen of Montgomery County.

Donald Hudelson,