Baseball field getting upgrades

Baseball field getting upgrades

CARLINVILLE (March 8, 2018) – Fundraising efforts by the Carlinville High School baseball booster club has led to some major upgrades at the varsity baseball field located behind the high school complex.

A new scoreboard, a six-foot fence, windscreen, advertising signs on the other side of the fence and dimension signs facing the field are among the changes those heading to the ole’ ballpark will see this coming year.

New foul poles were also donated and should be in place by the first pitch of the first home game March 15 against the Carrollton Hawks.

Head baseball coach Don Borgini, entering his second season with the Cavs, discussed the projects taking shape on the ballfield.

That included removing the old four-foot outfield fence and replacing it with a six-foot fence. Blue windscreens will be placed on the fence from foul line to foul line.

A Carlinville Cavaliers sign will be on the outfield fence between the dimension signs as well.

But a lot of the funding for the project has come from the selling of advertising which will appear on the other side of the fence as patrons enter the facility.

“The community has been buying advertising signs,” Borgini said. “We’re close to 25 businesses now. Each one of those squares on the fence will have advertising sign. They will go on the other side of the fence. Sometimes there will be 2,000 people here for a JFL game, so we felt the advertising would be better on the other side of the fence rather than have it show for the handful of people who come to a high school baseball game.”

Borgini also said they are working on the field surface in getting ready for play. After a cold winter and unpredictable spring weather season, the field can be tricky at times to keep in playing condition.

Plans are to continue to upgrade the facility with new side fences, and fencing in the bullpen areas as well.

“My goal is to have this be the Taj Mahal and have some baseball played here year round,” Borgini said. “With people taking care of it and a place for the kids to really be proud of.”

Borgini thanked the baseball boosters. “They are second to none,” he said. “There’s a lot of people involved.”

The new scoreboard as shown in right-center field at the Carlinville baseball field behind the high school complex.  Photo provided