On the back burner

Dear Editor:

Downstate is often put on the back burner when competing with the big city of Chicago. Our representation and our voices are sometimes lost. Senator Andy Manar recognizes this problem and that is why he has continues to be the voice for downstate Illinois and be as transparent as possible. Through his legislation it is evident that Andy has and will continue to fight for us, even when no one else does.

Seth McMillan sat on the Taylorville School Board for 8 years and secured multiple no-bid contracts between his landscaping company and the school district which he failed to disclose. He brushed it off by saying that they were, “small projects,” and “small amounts of money,”. If he is already trying to hide small matters, how can we trust him in Springfield to represent our small communities?

Seth McMillan couldn’t even put Taylorville High School first while serving on the school board. He chose his own self-interest over his local school. This action reflects every other Chicago politician, not an outsider like he claims to be.

Taylorville High School was struggling during this time and he took advantage of them while being the finance chairman on the board. While he was making money off the school, he was voting to lay-off 15 teachers and voting to cut extracurriculars and sports.

We need someone that will do what is right. While serving on the Macoupin County Board, Andy voted to cut his own pay, rather than having to raise taxes or cut services. That’s someone who we need to represent us in Springfield. Someone who is selfless and puts the people first.

Betty Scheldt,