Awards handed out at cross country banquet

Awards handed out at cross country banquet

Carlinville cross country teams held their year-end banquet recently with team awards handed out. Members of the team shown with individual meet awards and team awards from the season, front row, from left, are: Patty Walch, Skyler Nickel, Rory Drew, Rachel Strubbe, Justice Brock, Bailey Cox, Stacia Nejmanowski, Rachel Olroyd, Mackenzie Harris and Molly Lewis. Back row: Bailey Lippold, Samuel Mock, Seth Evans, Briley Roper, Jason Landon, Charles Helton IV, Grayson Armour, Jack Kufa, Jacob Landon. Photo provided.


Awards were handed out during a recent banquet honoring the 2016 Carlinville cross country team.

The boys team advanced to the state meet in Peoria this past fall, while the girls team advanced to sectionals.

The Alton Road Runners Club has sponsored a Runner of the Year program in which each area school gets to nominate a gal and a gent for the award.

Mackenzie Harris and Samuel Mock were representatives from Carlinville for that award.

Special achievement awards on the girls side was earned by Harris for Most Improved; Molly Lewis Top Achiever; Rory Drew Endurance; Rachel Olroyd Difference Maker and Stasia Nejmanowski MVP.

On the boys side, Bailey Lippold was Most Improved; Samuel Mock Top Achiever; Charles Helton IV Endurance; Grayson Armour Difference Maker and Jason Landon MVP.

Fastest times of the year medals went to Drew on the girls side at 19:57 and to Jason Landon on the boys side at 15:30.

State Meet Awards went to Jacob Landon, Cale Williams, Briley Roper, Grayson Armour, Bailey Lippold, Charles Helton IV and Jason Landon, along with state meet helpers Rachel Strubbe, Justice Brock, Maddie Williams and Jack Kufa.