Auxiliary contributes new equipment to hospital

Auxiliary contributes new equipment to hospital

CARLINVILLE (July 12, 2018) – Carlinville Area Hospital has ordered 10 new pieces of equipment totaling $19,545.03 as a result of a cash contribution from the CAH Auxiliary. The Auxiliary’s members unanimously approved the purchases and the cash contribution at the Auxiliary’s annual dinner meeting, held in May.

“When we build up a suitable surplus through our various fundraising programs, we approach the hospital administration through Jamie Bray, our liaison, for suggestions on what the hospital staff might need,” said Auxiliary Co-President Beth Young.

“The staff members from each department examine their existing resources and determine whether they need equipment or programs, such as software, that is either not in their budget or in it but not on the immediate horizon,” said Bray. “They submit their suggestions to the Auxiliary. Then, at the next of its two annual meetings, the Auxiliary reviews the list and approves some or all of the items. This time, we had enough to pay for 10 pieces of requested equipment.”

The list includes a four-pack of automated external defibrillators (AEDs), a Geri Chair recliner, a temperature-controlled refrigerator for the pharmacy, a Tru treadmill, a Sara Stedy balance device, a four-pack of adult mannequins and four infant mannequins, a Health-O-Meter professional scale, a Surfset balance training board, standardized tests/assessments, and an Abbot I-Stat rapid handheld analyzer.

“This contribution of almost $20,000 brings to $116,000 the total that the Auxiliary has paid out in the form of programs and equipment since the new hospital building opened in 2010,” said Auxiliary Co-President Mary Kay Berry. “And that’s in addition to the $100,000 we raised and donated in cash to help build the new facility.”

“This kind of contribution is not a one-time effort,” said Young. “This is what we do all of the time. It is what the Auxiliary is all about. Our volunteers donate their time and effort to supplement the top-level healthcare provided by the hospital’s own staff and professionals.”

“Men and women who are interested in bring a part of the CAH Auxiliary can contact me for information and/or to pay their dues,” said Kelly Kaganich, Auxiliary membership leader. “We have two membership levels: (1) ‘Active’ members who pay $10 a year in dues, and (2) ‘inactive’ members pay $15 a year. Active members are willing and able to donate some time to one or more of the Auxiliary’s programs. Inactive members are not required or expected to participate in a program or activity, but they may do so at any time, even if just for one event or project. If they remain inactive, they have still contributed to the Auxiliary with their dues and their moral support. They also are invited to the organization’s meetings and have full voting rights.

For more information, contact Kaganich at (217) 854-7317 or, or visit

“People may also help the Auxiliary financially by making donations in the form of memorials to friends, relatives or other loved ones,” said Auxiliary Treasurer Judy Minster. “Donations are tax-deductible. Those who do want to contribute with money, in addition to or instead of membership or volunteer service, should make their checks payable to CAH Auxiliary.” Checks can be mailed to Judy Minster, 503 E. First North St., Carlinville, IL 62626.

Sylvee Gibbs, age 7, works out on a balance surfboard with coaching from Carlinville Area Hospital physical therapist Jane Reichmann. The board is one of 10 new pieces of equipment that the CAH Auxiliary recently purchased for the hospital.