Attend a council meeting – it’s entertaining

4 6 17

To the editor:

I encourage every citizen of Carlinville to attend a city council meeting to observe your alderperson in action. The meeting of March 20 was entertaining, to say the least. It was quickly evident to me that some members of the council have a genuine hatred for the mayor and are attempting to carry on the agenda of one of our citizens who was also in attendance. The best interests of the city are not being carried out because of the clouded judgment and infantile behavior afforded by this dislike. It was so bad at one point of the meeting that alderpersons had to be reminded of their previous statements and be reminded that they were not in attendance at the meeting where a project they were ranting about was discussed, voted upon and approved.

Granted I don’t go to all the council meetings, but I do read the minutes of the meetings and keep up with council activities reported in this newspaper. Keep in mind I am not a paid watchdog like one of the speakers at the meeting, John Kraft. It doesn’t take a professional to see that we have more than one alderperson who needs to resign their position because they are not acting in the best interests of their ward or the city. Our money is being wasted because of the actions of a minority group with a vendetta against the mayor. To that group I say: keep your personal feelings toward the mayor on a personal level and start acting your age. This kind of non-productive behavior needs to stop immediately.

Bill Link,