Answers to trivia from 5-17-18

Answers to trivia from 5-17-18

Learn through Trivia

Trivia can use reason in understanding the world and keeping the brain active. If you do not know an answer there is nothing wrong with researching for it. This is part of what keeps the brain active and I think it makes trivia more fun. This is not necessary, however, just see how many answers you know without looking them up. It is up to you.

The baseball season is well underway. Over baseball’s history nicknames have played an important part. Remember, “Shoeless Joe” or “Leo the Lip”? Here are five nicknames your task is to come up with the players name who had the nickname and to indicate on what team they played when they had the nickname.
(This exercise is the first of two exercises each with five names.)

1 The Cuban Comet-2 The Sunday Pitcher-3 The Bull-4 Mr. Sunshine- 5 Country

1. Minnie Minoso  2. Ted Lyons  3. Leon Durham (there may be others)  4. Ernie Banks  5. Enos Slaughter