Ameren to update substation

Ameren to update substation

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alderman for Ward 4

By Chris Best

Enquirer-Democrat writer

Two representatives for Ameren spoke to Carlinville City Council Monday night regarding planned improvements to their substation on Alton Road. The company intends to add a second transformer to the substation among other improvements later this year.

“The substation rebuild will be part of the two-year plan to enhance the electrical grid and improve the service reliability in Carlinville,” Project Manager Kevin Modesto said. Last year Ameren upgraded “around 200 poles, 300 pole-mounted transformers” in Carlinville according to Modesto. “We basically took the line capacity from 4,000kv to 12,000kv, which basically increases the capacity.”

Modesto went on to explain the benefits of building a second transformer for the city. “A second transformer will help as well if there is any kind of outage,” he said. “Instead of having the one transformer we have now, we will have two, and we can switch between the two to shorten any kind of outage we have in the town.”

To maintain the proper safety standards, the fence that currently surrounds the substation will have to be replaced and expanded. The proposed 10-foot high privacy fence will have an animal guard on top and surround the entire perimeter of the substation. Outside the fence there will be a six foot perimeter of rock, as required to meet safety regulations. Ameren will be responsible for the upkeep of both the fence and the rock for the entirety of the substation’s life.

Modesto and fellow representative Mark Featherstone voiced concerns over Carlinville’s current code requiring shrubbery to be planted on all sides surrounding the fence. This could disrupt the grounding grid, making it impossible for Ameren’s currently planned installation to continue. If Ameren were to continue as planned prior to the revelation of this ordinance, it would still be possible to plant shrubbery on the street-facing side of the substation if the city wishes.

For the full story look for it in the January 24th, 2019 issue of the Macoupin County Enquirer~Democrat.