Actions speak louder than words this Lenten season

Actions speak louder than words this Lenten season

It is getting close to the time of the year when we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We give thanks for his life that he gave so willingly to forgive us our sins and to give us that promise of eternal life. We are his hands and his feet on earth. That being said, are we doing what he commands us to do?

I am a newly saved Christian. The first 50 years of my life I did not know our Lord and Savior. And I remember not being all that thrilled at the thought of becoming a newly saved churchgoing Christian. I was not sure that I wanted to be like “those” people.

Working in the restaurant industry I do know that most servers will say Sunday is the worst day of the week for servers. People leaving church and coming into the restaurant sometimes do not set the best example for the unsaved world.

Do we realize that the entire non-Christian world is looking at us? Do we realize that the unsaved of the world are looking at us as examples of what Christians are, and if we are setting a bad example we are turning them away from our Lord and Savior? I do not want to speak for Jesus but I would imagine this makes him extremely sad.

Our mission here is to help the unsaved world find Jesus and if we are rude, if we are stingy, if we are judgmental, if we are mean, if we are puffed up in ourselves, if we are overly concerned with our wealth and possessions, if we do not show the love of Jesus in our hearts and actions, what is the unsaved world supposed to think? I know when I was part of the unsaved; my thought on Christian behavior was less than something I wanted to be part of.

Within my years I have waited on tables of people leaving church and coming into the restaurant and not a single person said please or thank you even one time to me; they treated me poorly and it made me sad. Others, however, were shining examples of Jesus.

With all that the Lord has given me and all the blessings he freely bestows on me I do not understand how anyone could not be happy with just the thought of the eternal life we are promised. There are so many needy out there, so many wonderful causes that we could be giving to and helping out Jesus!

We are his hands and feet, we need to do the work that he commands us to do and we need to do it gratefully, cheerfully and with actions that show the love of Jesus in our hearts. Sometimes I really wonder if we are truly blessed with all we have been given; have all our blessings really taken our concentration off what our real job here is on earth.

Let’s take this Easter season this year seriously. Let us show the love of Jesus to each and every person we meet. He died for us and we have an obligation to live for him! Remember the world is watching us and so is Jesus.

May everyone this Easter season have the true love of Jesus in their hearts and I thank the Lord for what he has done in my life and I will try and repay him with actions that speak louder than my words.

By Gaye Suhling