94 years old and still going strong

94 years old and still going strong

7 13 17

By Gary Lowder

Marguerite Eggenberg at Smoky Jennings Chevrolet in Palmyra is a model employee: she never misses a day of work, has a great attitude, and lots of experience. This may sound like plenty of workers, but what sets Mrs. Eggenberg apart is that she was born in December 1923.

She celebrated her 94th birthday late last year and hasn’t slowed down one bit. Every morning she gets up, has breakfast, and then drives herself to work.

Saleswoman Terri Schneider talked about Eggenberg’s unique responsibilities: “She doesn’t sell cars.. She is really more of a jack of all trades. She’ll help us out with things here and there. She been compared to a Walmart-greeter. She is like the greeter for Smoky Jennings.”

Eggenberg has been working at Smoky Jennings since the 1980s and was only too willing to talk about how things had changed at the dealership since then. “Honey, I’ll tell you. We could get so much more work done without all these phones,” she said, “Some of the boys who work here goof around too much, and those personal phones don’t help!”

An integral part of Eggenberg’s job is too keep the other Smoky Jennings employees working efficiently and to minimize horseplay. She seems to particularly enjoy getting after a group of workers she calls “the boys” or “those boys.”

Eggenberg has no plans to retire. “I don’t want to retire,” she said. “My husband has been gone for a long time. This November he’ll have been gone for 30 years. So, you see, I’ve got to keep myself going. I’m just grateful for this job and the health to do it. You move it or you lose it.”

“You move it or you lose it” has become somewhat of a catchphrase for Eggenberg. She even has a custom made graphic t-shirt that has her catchphrase on the back. “I wear it to church,” commented Eggenberg.