8th annual SamJam held at Macoupin County fairgrounds

8th annual SamJam held at Macoupin County fairgrounds

Sunshine Daydream, a Grateful Dead tribute band, took the stage late in the evening, as the final band of the night. Enquirer~Democrat photo by Erin Sanson.

Enquirer-Democrat Reporter

It was hot and humid at the Macoupin County fairgrounds on Saturday, August 28. The temperature was up to 91 degrees outside right before noon, and while there was a light breeze, the shade was limited.

Despite the scorching temperatures, music lovers from all around came together to partake in the eighth annual SamJam. There were several changes to SamJam this year, the band performed in a new location, all of the bands this year were tribute bands, and the 8th annual SamJam was held in late August rather than September or October when it is usually scheduled. The offerings (food, drink, and music) and the atmosphere remained unchanged.

This year the stage was setup in the midway rather than in the Bates building at the Macoupin County fairgrounds as it has been in previous years. As the organizers decided to host the event outside this year they also felt it would be a good idea to move up the date and advertise this years SamJam as an ‘end of summer bash.’

The band lineup at SamJam is typically comprised of bluegrass and folk bands. This year was a year of experimentation for SamJam as the bands performing were all tribute bands. The lineup this year included tribute bands to Neil Young, John Prine, Jimmy Buffet, the Rolling Stones, and the Grateful Dead.

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