Local governments to receive infrastructure funding

Local governments to receive infrastructure funding

Local governments will reap the benefits of a $250 million grant program that allows them to invest in long-overdue local road and street repair, State Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) announced Wednesday.

“For far too long local governments have been forced to rely on patchwork projects to maintain outdated infrastructure,” Manar said. “The people who live there know what work needs to be done in their communities better than anyone, and I am pleased they have been given increased funding to address critical needs.”

The investment in local infrastructure is the second in a series of six being made through the bipartisan $33.2 billion Rebuild Illinois statewide construction plan, which Manar played an instrumental role in negotiating.

Funds will be distributed throughout Macoupin County as such:

• Macoupin County: $341,298.94;
• Townships in Macoupin County: $588,597.25;
• Cities & Villages in Macoupin County: $359,714.66; and,
• City of Carlinville: $64,992.26

Projects eligible for this grant program include road and bridge improvements, repaving, traffic signal upgrades, new storm sewers, bike paths, sidewalk replacements and pothole repairs. Projects will be selected and managed locally in cooperation with IDOT.

“Roads left unkept for too long can have devastating consequences,” Manar said. “The projects resulting from this grant program will allow folks to travel throughout their community safely, and they will create sorely needed jobs as we continue to navigate the crisis of the current moment together.”

A full breakdown of the grant money coming to the 48th District broken down by county, township, and municipality can be found here: https://bit.ly/3a0cYaz

Here’s the amount of funding each municipality.

Macoupin County: $341,298.94
Barr $26,338.82
Bird $28,968.78
Brighton $20,877.44
Brushy Mound $19,098.02
Bunker Hill $28,325.28
Cahokia $27,883.22
Carlinville $26,456.32
Chesterfield $15,460.83
Dorchester $18,135.56
Gillespie $22,063.72
Girard $14,621.48
Hillyard $21,140.44
Honey Point $29,326.90
Mt Olive $11,823.65
Nilwood $26,467.52
North Otter $29,444.41
North Palmyra $27,390.80
Polk $21,218.78
Scottville $25,913.54
Shaws Point $24,111.74
Shipman $23,630.51
South Otter $26,489.90
South Palmyra $23,636.11
Staunton $16,977.26
Virden $12,394.41
Western Mound $20,401.81
Township Total: $588,597.25
Benld $17,091.09
Brighton $24,757.91
Bunker Hill $19,485.60
Carlinville $64,992.26
Chesterfield $2,064.99
Dorchester $1,658.58
Eagarville $1,394.97
East Gillespie $2,965.68
Gillespie $36,455.86
Girard $23,099.33
Hettick $1,988.10
Lake Ka Ho $2,603.21
Medora $4,602.29
Modesto $2,075.97
Mt. Clare $3,053.55
Mt. Olive $23,055.39
Nilwood $2,625.17
Palmyra $7,666.82
Royal Lakes $2,163.85
Sawyerville $3,064.53
Scottville $1,274.14
Shipman $6,854.01
Standard City $1,669.57
Staunton $56,446.72
Virden $37,620.16
White City $2,548.29
Wilsonville $6,436.62
Municipality Total: $359,714.66