Community spirit starts with our kids

Community spirit starts with our kids

There is something about Macoupin County that sets it apart from every other place I’ve been. There is a focus on our young folks that cannot compare to anywhere else. Everywhere you turn there is an opportunity for kids to get out and experience life in a fun, memorable, beneficial, (and even educational, but we won’t spoil their fun by bringing that up today) way.

Being a recent transplant to the county, I had the pleasure to experience this first hand when I attended a Macoupin County Coon Hunters Association meeting. A focus of the Coon Hunters this year is bringing in new hunters. Members host a no-kill hunt each month for kids to come and learn from experienced hunters about the sport. This is just one example of mentorship for youth in our community.

There are many area organizations, clubs, and opportunities that are for youth or have a partnership with our youth: the recent Blackburn College Kids Academy, the county fair, Boy Scouts, Rotary fishing derbies, Halloween parades, hunting groups, shooting clubs, tumbling and dance opportunities, sports, Master Gardener partnerships, even youth archery programs at area churches. It would be a grave mistake to not mention our county’s leading role in 4-H, which was started right here in Macoupin County and continues to lead by hosting the first State 4-H Shoot for SPIN shooting clubs.

Our county also is a leader in the state’s Illinois Recreational Access Program that allows increased opportunity for youth turkey hunters. These are just the programs I can name off the top of my head! Where else in the state are there so many programs for our young people?

Macoupin County does not leave the future of our youth up to chance. We are one of the most self-sufficient, proud, and active communities there is. The value and support we give to our young people shows that we are looking to the future and care about raising productive citizens.

Why bring this up? What is so special about these events and opportunities? They are noteworthy because not everywhere has them. You can tell what a community values by what they come together to do and support. You can tell there is a strong support network at work in all of Macoupin County communities because of the number and variety of programs. These many choices for quality youth programs outside of school is not the norm. Our kids are fortunate to have so many opportunities to contribute to their community and future.

Way to go, Macoupin County, and keep up the good work!