4-H members compete at General Show

4-H members compete at General Show

CARLINVILLE (Aug. 9, 2018) – Macoupin County 4-H members showcased a wide variety of projects during the 4-H General Show, held Thursday, June 21, at the Macoupin County Fairgrounds. Projects included photography, beekeeping, veterinary science, floriculture, visual arts, electricity, theater arts, welding, woodworking, robotics, model rocketry, sportfishing and natural resources.

Members took part in an evaluation process called conference judging, in which they answered questions asked by the judges pertaining to their projects to help the judges determine how much the members learned while doing their projects. Judges for the General Show included Don O’Brien of Benld; Sharon Behme, Nadia Kahl, Meghan Allen, Beth Groves, Paula Robinson, Lauren Jaeger and Christine Goldstein of Carlinville; Josh Clark of Palmyra; Mary Lou Griffith of Modesto; Christine Joehl of Greenfield; and Joan Hartley of Divernon. Show superintendents were Alice Tebbe of Mt. Olive, Kim Pence of Palmyra and Veryl Reiher of Carlinville.

Trophies and medallions were awarded in selected project areas. All members receiving a blue ribbon may be considered fro a special award. Members age 8 and older who exhibit excellent projects can be chosen to exhibit their projects at the Illinois State Fair as a delegate; state fair alternates take the place of a delegate who cannot attend.

Macoupin County 4-H members who received a General Show trophy or state fair delegate or alternate status were as follows.

Aerospace-model rocketry: Best of Show — Braylee Gilmore; delegates — Braylee Gilmore and Mylee Ribble; alternate — Garrett Comerford.

Vet science: Best of Show and delegate — Rachel Wolff; alternate — Logan Helling.

Animal displays: Best of Show — Lexi Hester; Reserve Best of Show — Maxwell Broida; delegates — Lexi Hester and Maxwell Broida; alternates — Grace Burris and Blake Killam.

College and career readiness: Best of Show and delegate — Emily Barr.

Communications – creative writing: Best of Show — Ellie Wilson.

Computer science: Best of Show and delegate — Tyler Behme.

Crops: Best of Show — Ben Reno; delegates — Ben Reno (soybeans), Sam Wolff (corn) and Sam Wiese (corn and Ready for Life); alternates — Anthony Joiner (soybeans) and Joe Reno (wheat).

Electricity: Best of Show — Anthony Joiner; delegates — Anthony Joiner and Luke Wolff.

Health: Best of Show — Rachel Wolff; delegates — Rachel Wolff, Allie Helling and Carter Joiner; alternates — Payton Harding and Abigale Landes.

Horticulture – vegetable gardening: Best of Show — Sara Wiese (vegetable plate); delegates — Sara Wiese (vegetable plate and Ready for Life), Collin Boehler (sweet corn) and Joe Reno (wheat).

Floriculture: Best of Show — Emma Kallal; delegates — Emma Kallal, Molly Reed and Aubrey Kirchner; alternates — Saralynn Joiner and Ella Walker.

Intercultural: Best of Show and delegate — Tori Hester; alternate — Emma Mathis.

Interior design: Best of Show — Haleigh Hester; delegates — Saralynn Joiner, Haleigh Hester and Alexia Mosby; alternate — Allie Helling.

Leadership: Best of Show and delegate — Braylee Gilmore.

Natural resources: Best of Show — Logan Helling (natural resources and outdoor adventures), Braylee Gilmore (sportsfishing), Aiden Noblet (entomology and geology), Alexandria Helling (forestry), Carter Murphy (wildlife) and Joscelyn Wagner (beekeeping); delegates — Braylee Gilmore (sportsfishing), Molly Reed (sportsfishing), Logan Helling (outdoor adventures and Ready for Life), Carter Murphy (wildlife) and Gabe Pauline (sportsfishing); alternates — Carter Joiner (wildlife), Logan Helling (wildlife), Nick Raney (wildlife), Brayden Wolff (sportsfishing) and Matthew Eldred (outdoor adventures).

Entomology: delegates — Joscelyn Wagner and Aiden Noblet; alternate — Frank Titus.

Entomology – beekeeping: delegates — Joscelyn Wagner and Frank Titus; alternate – Anthony Joiner.

Geology: delegate — Aiden Noblet.

Photography: Best of Show — Natalie Royer (Photography I), Kayleigh Pence (Photography II), Rachel Wolff (Photography III) and Lillian Burris; delegates — Natalie Royer, Kayleigh Pence, Rachel Wolff and Lillian Burris; alternates — Addison Eldred, Zoe Hoback, Austin Pence and Baylee Landes.

Collections: Best of Show — Ellie Wilson.

Robotics: Best of Show — Alex Behme; delegates — Alex Behme and Garrett Comerford.

Small engines: Best of Show and delegate — Braylee Gilmore; alternates — Wyld Gilmore and Nathan Clark.

Theater arts: Best of Show and delegate — Lydia Fulton.

Tractor care: Best of Show — Riley Rhodes; delegates — Riley Rhodes and Alex Behme; alternates — Gabe Pauline and Garrett Turner.

Shooting sports: Best of Show — Alex Behme.

Video/filmmaking: Best of Show and delegate — Tyler Behme.

Visual arts: Best of Show — Rachel Wolff (nature), Austin Pence (wood), Saralynn Joiner (fiber), Ariana Coan (chalk/carbon/pigment), Claire Behme (chalk/carbon/pigment), Summer Carol (3-D art/mixed media), Katelyn Barber (paper), Maycee Hart (clay), Victoria Titus (cake decorating) and Joscelyn Wagner (chalk/carbon/pigment); delegates — Victoria Titus (cake decorating and heritage arts), Joscelyn Wagner (clay and computer generated), Saralynn Joiner (fiber), Rachel Wolff (nature and 3-D art/mixed media), Katelyn Barber (paper and scrapbooking), Austin Pence (wood), Ariana Coan and Claire Behme (chalk/carbon/pigment), and Reese Heyen (non-original fiber); and alternates — Maycee Hart (nature and clay), Claire Behme (paper and chalk/carbon/pigment), Joscelyn Wagner (wood and chalk/carbon/pigment), Malia Bowker (fiber), Ethan Schuette (fiber), Rachel Leggett (non-original fiber), Logan Helling (heritage arts), Lillian Burris (cake decorating), Addison Earley (scrapbooking) and Summer Carol (3-D art/mixed media).

Welding: Best of Show and delegate — Anthony Joiner.

Woodworking: Best of Show 1 and 2— Luke Wolff and Lucas Camerer; Best of Show 3 and 4 — Taylor Wills; delegates, Taylor Wills and Luke Wolff; alternates, Lucas Camerer and Josiah Schuette.

4-H members ages 5-7 who showed off their project posters in topics including farm animals, health, fitness, bicycles, rockets and gardening were Cooper Kahl, Heidi Kahl, Carson Trimm, Madison Brewer, Hadassah Hobson, Hephzibah Hobson, McKenna Edwards, Makenna Harding, Ashlyn Killam, Ali Rhodes, Carly Rhodes, Jaxson Strader, Bailey Cobb, Grant Comerford, Grant Hammann, Addyson Noblet, Braden Bowker, Todd Brawley, Dominick Gillespie, Paige Heyen, Ben Schuette, Hanley Stoecker, Sydney Wilson, Michael Barber, Augie Clark, Jace Murphy, Ava Turner, Tyler Boente, Ethan Cloninger, Maycee Hampton and Jenna Quarton.

343 – Mylee Ribble of Hettick displays her aerospace project.

359 – Abigale Landes of Palmyra displays her health project.

381 – Aiden Noblet of Carlinville shows off his geology display.

437 – Aubrey Kirchner of Medora displays her floriculture project.

473 – Macoupin County 4-H members participated in the 4-H General Show, held June 21 at the Macoupin County Fairgrounds.