3D mammography services available at St. Francis Hospital

3D mammography services available at St. Francis Hospital

LITCHFIELD (Feb. 22, 2018) – Advanced, 3D mammography equipment was recently installed at HSHS St. Francis Hospital in Litchfield. It features the latest imaging technology and offers the best opportunity to detect breast cancers at the earliest stage possible in patients.

This new technology has a 41 percent increase in detection of invasive breast cancer compared to traditional 2D mammography. With 3D mammography images, the radiologist can see the breast tissue layer by layer instead of viewing all the complexities in a flat image or 2D mammography. The fine details are more visible.

Joanne VanLeer, director of radiology at the hospital, says the advanced technology is an advantage to patients. “One of the first things patients will notice when having a 3D mammogram is that it will take less time. This new machine is fast, with a rapid scan of less than four seconds,” VanLeer said. “It’s also designed to minimize compression time which means improved patient comfort during the test. This lessens the risk of the patients moving during testing which can cause the need for additional exams. It’s so accurate it has a 40 percent reduction in this type of repeat images.”

St. Francis invested $360,000 in this new equipment. It compliments other imaging services offered at the hospital including digital x-rays, MRI, nuclear medicine, CT and ultrasound. Proceeds from the Robinson Brothers Homecoming Concert in 2017 raised $110,000 for the 3D mammography project.

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