County track meet results: Carlinville boys win again

County track meet results: Carlinville boys win again

Card, Walton double event winners as Cavaliers take boys’ county title

CARLINVILLE (May 10, 2018) – Will Walton and Daniel Card both were a double winner  Friday at the Macoupin County track and field meet at Carlinville High School.

The meet also featured a recognition of Charlie Pohlman’s contributions to track and field, a recognition of the senior athletes as well as former coaches in the county who were on hand for the event.

The Cavaliers rolled to a team title, while CHS finished fourth on the girls side, still scoring 89 points.

Of the six boys teams, Carlinville had 175 points to outlast Southwestern at 120; Staunton at 105; North Mac at 61; Gillespie at 58 and Bunker Hill at 29.

Walton won the long jump by a half inch against teammate Max Rogers. Walton long jumped 20-feet-five inches to Rogers’ 20-feet. Bunker Hill’s Trent Bertelsmann was third at 18-feet-5 inches.

In the triple jump, Walton jumped 43-feet-4 inches to win the title again with Rogers second at 41-feet-3.5 inches and Brandon Wagoner of Staunton third at 39-feet-3.75 inches.

Senior Daniel Card was also a double winner in the throws. He finished the shot put at 42-feet-9.25 inches to win by a short distance against North Mac’s Haidyn Branson, second at 42-feet-8 inches; Mat Haas of Staunton, third at 42 feet and Gabe Long of Carlinville, fourth at 41-feet-4.5 inches.

In the discus, Card outlasted the competition with a toss of 143-feet-7 inches. Jake Carter of Gillespie was second at 132-feet-1 inch and Alex Ottersburg of the Miners was third at 122-feet-11 inches. Tyler Emmons of Carlinville was ninth at 82-feet-2 inches.

Michael Douglas of Carlinville won the high jump at six-feet-one inch, outlasting Walton, second at five-feet-11 inches; and Caden Heyen of Southwestern was third at five-feet-nine inches.

Isaac Daugherty won the pole vault county title by taking a 14-feet-3 inch leap. Staunton’s Joseph Fisher was second at 13 feet and Dustin Roberts of Carlinville was third at 12-feet-6 inches.

Carlinville won the boys 4 x 800 relay with Jacob Landon, Tyler Hughes, Briley Roper and Jason Landon finishing in 9:38.44. North Mac was second and Staunton was third.

Southwestern’s team of Heyen, Pauly Garrett, EJ Kahl and Dylan Murray won the 4 x 100 relay at 45.74 seconds. Staunton was second and North Mac third. Carlinville’s team of Chance Pointer, Roberts, Daugherty and Caden Barkley was fifth at 51.51 seconds.

The boys 4 x 100 relay frosh/soph race was won by North Mac at 51.15, followed by Gillespie and Carlinville.

Caden Bohn of Southwestern won the 3200-meter run with a time of 10:44.95, ahead of Carlinville’s Bailey Lippold (10:49.65) and Cale Williams (12:15.76) which were second and third.

Bertelsmann of Bunker Hill took the county title in the 110-meter hurdles at 16.12 seconds, ahead of Cody Croxford of Southwestern 16.22 and John Aljets of Staunton third at 18.31 seconds.

In the 100-meter dash, Carson Rantanen of Staunton won in a time of 11.13 seconds. Southwestern’s Kahl was second at 11.44 and Tim Goeckner of North Mac third at 11.71 seconds.

Jason Landon of Carlinville won the 800-meter run at 2:11.51, ahead of teammate Jacob Landon at 2:11.91 and Quentin Blevins of Gillespie was third at 2:13.36.

Southwestern won the 4 x 200 meter relay at 1:36.37, with Kahl, Garrett, Dylan Murray and Heyen running legs. North Mac was second and Staunton was third.

Haydn Nixon of Southwestern won the 400-meter dash in 52,85 seconds, ahead of Carlinville teammates Roper (53.94) and Hughes (54.84).

Bertelsmann completed the double win in the hurdles by taking the 300-meters at 43.15 seconds. Staunton’s Joshua Schuette was second at 43.27 and Croxford of Southwestern at 45.7 was third.

Caden Bohn of Southwestern won the 1600-meter run at 4:57.13. Grant Seniker of Southwestern was second at 4:59.92; Lippold at five minutes even finished third and Williams of Carlinville fourth at 5:00.43.

Kahl won the 200-meter dash at 22.98 seconds, ahead of Rantanen at 23.43 and Gillespie’s Cameron Waugh at 24.06.

Carlinville’s Jac.Landon, Hughes, Roper and Jas. Landon won the 4 x 400 relay at 3:30.85, ahead of North Mac and Staunton.


North Mac won the county girls title with 135 points. Staunton was second at 127.5; Southwestern 91; Carlinville 89; Gillespie 69.5 and Bunker Hill 42.

Macy Walker of Carlinville won the discus at 105-feet-2.5 inches; ahead of Staunton’s Brigitte Long at 96-8.5 and North Mac’s Lauren Sullivan at 96-feet-6 inches. Haley Wills of Carlinville was fifth at 85-feet-1.5 inch.

Emma Smith set a county mark in the pole vault, clearing 11-feet-1 inch to beat former Cavalier Katie Denby’s mark of 11-feet in 2015.  Abbie Barber of Gillespie was second at eight feet and North Mac’s Kylee Kazenski was third at seven-feet-six inches.

Allie Kallenbach of North Mac won the long jump at 14-feet-2 inches; ahead of Jaiden Braundmeier of Gillespie at 13-feet-9.25 and Taylor Rose-Jones of North Mac at 13-feet-5.5 inches.

Jayden Cole of North Mac won the high jump at four-feet-nine inches, with Southwestern’s Alyssa Ebert second also at four-feet nine and Kenzy Mix of Gillespie third at four-feet-five inches. Elsa Mefford of Carlinville tied for fourth at four-feet-three inches.

Sullivan won the shot put with a toss of 32-feet-10.5 inches; followed by Long at 32-feet and Wills at 31-feet-11 inches. Smith was seventh at 25-feet.

Braundmeier won the triple jump at 31-feet-3 inches, surpassing Carlinville’s MacKenzie Moyer at 31-feet and Mackenzie Conlee of Southwestern at 29-feet-seven inches.

Staunton’s 4 x 800 relay team of Desiree Lesicko, Erica Pickerill, Bailey Scroggins and Paige Scroggins won county in a time of 11:51.93, with Carlinville second with Patty Walch, Mackenzie Harris, Elsa Mefford and Rory Drew at 12:21.11. North Mac was third at 13:13.29.

North Mac’s 4 x 100 relay team of Chloe Fess, Kallenbach, Hailey Swick and Rose-Jones won in 53.0, with Staunton second and Southwestern third. Carlinville placed fifth with Rhachyl Karrick, Ashley Williams, Cara Emery and Patty Walch running legs, at 1:00.02.

Lydia Roller of Staunton dominated the 3200-meter run, setting a county meet record that had been held by Carlinville’s Colleen Madden (11:25.06) in 2016. Roller won in a time of 11:19.38 which was nearly four minutes faster than teammate Mackenzie Fisher, second at 15:07.89 and Gillespie’s Lorelai Wilson, 15:26.07.

Miranda Matta of Staunton won the 100-meter hurdles at 17.26; ahead of Fess of North mac at 17.1 and Anaelise Severs of Bunker Hill at 18.01.

In the 100-meter dash, Swick of North Mac won in 13.57 seconds. Robbi Ostendorf of Bunker Hill was second at 13.77 and Abbie Barber of Gillespie third at 14.05.

Roller won the 800-meter run at 2:31.78, edging Isabelle Wolff of Southwestern at 2:33.65and Kylee Kazenski of North Mac at 2:34.54. Harris finished fifth for Carlinville at 3:00.06.

The 4 x 200 relay had North Mac’s squad of Jordan Broaddus, Rose-Jones, Jayden Cole and Kallenbach winning in 1:57.30. Staunton was second and Southwestern third. Carlinville was fourth at 2:08.85, with Karrick, Abby Way, Mefford and Gracey Kahl running legs.

Drew raced to victory for Carlinville in the 400-meter dash, at 1:00.41. Swick of North Mac and Ostendorf of Bunker Hill were second and third. Walch, at 1:08.23, was fifth for Carlinville.

In the 300-meter hurdles, Sabrina Burns of Southwester won in a time of 49.99 seconds. Severs of Bunker Hill was second at 51.53 and Moyer of Carlinville third at 52.31. Cara Emery of Carlinville was eighth at 1:00.20.

Roller got a win in the 1600 meters as well, timing in at 5:38.40. Isabelle Wolff of Southwestern and Kazenski of North Mac were second and third.

Ava Ostendorf of Bunker Hill won the 200-meter dash at 28.31 seconds. Barber of Gillespie (28.51) and Cassie Borrowman of Staunton (28.83 were second and third. Emery finished fifth at 30.21 seconds.

North Mac’s squad of Fess, Kazenski, Cole and Swick won the 4 x 400 relay at 4:28.68. Carlinville’s Walch, Drew, Williams and Harris were second at 4:33.94 and Southwestern took third.