319 grant wraps up July 31

319 grant wraps up July 31

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During the July 13 Lake Watershed Committee, following approval of the previous meeting’s minutes and payment of the monthly bills, Chairman Bob Caveny provided the group with updates on current best management practices projects.

Caveny reported the deadline for the grant is July 31 and an effort is underway to get things completed prior to that date. According to Caveny, Libbra’s pond has been approved and reimbursed, but he is still waiting to hear back on the waterway and the stream bank stabilization in Honey Creek before they can be reimbursed.

The cost of the stream bank stabilization is $29,900, with the Libbra waterway coming in at $24,000. Caveny explained the projects will be taken to council once engineer Ronnie Paul sings off on them.

Caveny told the group he had heard back from Baron Stayton and Jake Greenwalt and their dry dams have been completed, but have yet to be inspected. The projects will have to be seeded this fall and funds will have to be held back for that purpose.

With regard to the forestry bill, Caveny said he’s still waiting to hear back from Dr. James Bray of Blackburn College, but the first part of the forestry work at Carlinville Lake is $11,633. The project has already been approved by the full council.

The total for the grant is approximately $485,300, with the IEPA’s portion at $291,180 and the city of Carlinville paying $194,120. $24,000 came from landowners. According to Caveny, 13 projects were those of private landowners and five were on properties belonging to Carlinville. The committee approved a motion to take the final projects to the full council for reimbursements.

Lake Rec

During a meeting of the Lake Recreation Committee held the same night, approval was given to the minutes of the previous meeting.

Committee Chairman Doug Downy reported that Deputy Clerk Darlene Sarginson and city attorney Rick Bertinetti have been working with tenants with past-due lake leases.

In his report, Lake Manager Mark Boatman reported that there was a good crowd at the lake over the July 4 holiday and the boat races were a big success.

Boatman said the cabin is complete and has been rented out and the concession stand is open at the beach house.

The committee discussed getting a clean-up dumpster at the lake. The budget for the dumpsters is $7,000. According to Downey, there are about six mobile homes that will need to be removed, with about three more pending.

In a discussion on extending leases, the committee did not approve a request from Patricia Groathaus to extend leases beyond five years. She and her husband are trying to sell their structure on the lake, but are having trouble selling it because potential buyers want a lease longer than five years.  It was noted that the Groathause structure is quite nice.

Committee member Sarah Oswald expressed her opinion that tenants run a risk when they build such a building on property they do not own.

The committee decided not to take the matter to the full council.

The committee approved a motion to extend the this year’s camping season at the lake by two weeks. Usually, the camping season ends Oct. 31. This year it will run until mid November. The change is for this year only.