Finance committee meets for approving bills

Finance committee meets for approving bills

CARLINVILLE (Aug. 31, 2017) – The Macoupin County Board’s Finance Committee met for a special meeting Aug. 28 for the purpose of approving the county’s end-of-year bills prior to the start of the new fiscal year on Sept. 1. It was noted that sufficient funds have been appropriated to cover the bills.

After approving the bills, the committee  agreed to recommend the full board approve a resolution regarding circuit clerk special funds. According to County Clerk Pete Duncan, the resolution follows a recommendation from the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts that would move handling of some of the circuit clerk funds to the county clerk. The change is to add another level of checks and balances.

According to Duncan, currently, the circuit clerk has two bond and trust funds. Another part of the resolution will close the fund at United Community Bank and transfer $209,237.24 to the bond and trust fund at US Bank.

The committee also agreed to recommend the full board approve a resolution regarding contractual services for the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 appropriation. Since 911 is no longer able to pay for road sign repair and maintenance, the county administration budget would be lowered by $15,000 and the contractual services budget would be increased by the same amount in the general fund. The invoices for work on the signs will now be submitted to the county clerk’s office from the 911 administrator.

The committee agreed to recommend the full board approve a resolution regarding the courthouse elevator project appropriation for 2017-2018. They agreed the check will be cut for $249,202.85 to pay off the project this fiscal year, but be held until the work is complete. By taking the money out of the current fiscal year, any deficit spending due to the special project will be limited to one year. Payment will not be sent until the project is completed.

Sheriff Shawn Kahl reports the project is almost entirely complete with just a few minor tasks remaining.

In other discussion, Duncan provided an update on 2017-2018 general fund projections. Personal property replacement tax projections from the state and instead of the county receiving $234,000, it will likely receive $163,000, which is a projected loss of about $70,000. However, income tax projections shows an increase of about $85,000. Overall, the projections show the county will likely have a $21,000 surplus.