Letter to the editor

5 4 17

SLUG: Letter Semrock

Dear Editor:

I have been attending monthly Carlinville Township Board meetings for over two years and ran for Carlinville Township trustee in last month’s general election. As an Independent candidate running against four Democratic candidates for four trustee positions, I received 500 votes — about 300 short of the next highest candidate — incumbent Mariann Qualls. My thanks to all who voted for me.

One of the situations I had hoped to address as a trustee is the extreme nepotism in Township Road and Bridge Commissioner Everett “Shorty” Johnston’s operation. Shorty’s wife Ann Johnston and her son Wyatt Beeler are his only paid employees. Wyatt Beeler is paid as a salaried employee and Ann Johnston as an hourly laborer. Shorty submits a total number of hours worked by her during a two-week period without any description of work performed or dates worked or hours worked each date. At the April 26, 2017, board meeting, net payments of $740, $805, and$694 were approved for her. No trustee questioned the payments or asked for type(s) of work performed, dates worked or hours worked on each date. Yet each trustee has privately expressed to me great concerns not only about her being employed but also has questioned the quantity and quality of her work. Similar payments to her have been approved almost monthly since last summer, amounting to thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Since Ann Johnston is being directly supervised by her son and indirectly by her husband, and her husband is directly supervising her son, this obviously creates a substantial conflict of interest. It is very unwise to have this situation in any work environment.

If you have concerns about this situation, please contact Township Supervisor David Boehm or a current trustee: Bob Ballinger, Rich Bowman, Jeral Loveless or Mariann Qualls. If you have difficulty contacting any, call me at (217) 851-0580. Remember, all these people are being paid with your tax dollars.

Norm Semrock,

your representative at Carlinville Township Board meetings