Pair of Cavies advance in shootout

Pair of Cavies advance in shootout

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There have been so many basketball games at The Big House on West Main St. this season, its no wonder why the Carlinville three-point shootout contestants had a good showing Friday night.

Led by a pair of seniors, the Cavies send two on to the Nashville Sectional on Friday night, with a spot in the state finals awaiting the top four finishers.

Adam Walton and Brady Jamieson both made nine in the opening round Friday and those scores held up as they advanced to the sectionals.

Also advancing was Trevor Meier of Nashville and Justin Bailey of Southwestern, both of whom made a best 11 of 15 shots.

Walton was the opening shooter of the shootout and made an early statement. He made two on the first rack, three on the second, and four on the final rack for a total of round.

Jamieson was the fourth shooter, making all five on the first rack, one on the middle rack and three on the third rack for a total of nine as well.

Meier made three, four and four on his three racks, for a total of 11.

In round two, Bailey made all five on the middle rack, with three on each of the two wings, for a total of 11 makes.

Jarret Easterday and Joe Fraser also competed for the Cavies. Easterday had eight makes in round one, making three on each of the first two racks and two on the third rack.

Fraser made five shots, including three in the middle rack and one each on the two wings.

Other county participants in the shootout included Daniel Dobrino of Gillespie, who made four shots in round one. Zach Carr of Gillespie made two in round one.

In the second round, Caden Heyen of Southwestern and Cullen McBride of Staunton made five each.

Devin Ray of Staunton made seven and Cody Castaldi of Staunton made two. Brady Kinder of Staunton finished with seven makes.

In round three, Caleb Robinson of Southwestern and Tate Wargo of Gillespie both made four on their final racks, but came up short with seven makes total.

Michael Robbins of Gillespie made six and Ben Lowis of Southwestern finished with five makes.