2013 Fair Pageant winners begin their reign

2013 Fair Pageant winners begin their reign

2013 Macoupin County Fair royalty includes, front, from left, Little Miss Kirstie Brown, Little Konner Costello; and, back, Miss Macoupin Kimmy Dworzynski and Junior Miss Maya Marcacci.

2013 Macoupin County Fair royalty includes, front, from left, Little Miss Kirstie Brown, Little Konner Costello; and, back, Miss Macoupin Kimmy Dworzynski and Junior Miss Maya Marcacci.

By Daniel Winningham
Crowned as Miss Macoupin County and Junior Miss at the annual queen pageant June 25, the new fair ambassadors discussed their expectations for the rest of fair week.

What about celebrating for this year’s Miss Macoupin, Kimmy Dworzynski, and the newly crowned Junior Miss Maya Marcacci?

“I went to Subway,” Dworzynski said. “I was so hungry after we won, so I went to Subway and I got a sandwich.”

2013 Junior Miss winner Maya Marcacci said she was up late with relatives and family.

Did they get a chance to catch the Tuesday evening fireworks?

“A lot of people wanted pictures with the fireworks in the back so I didn’t get to see them but hopefully, they’re in the pictures,” Dworzynski said.

What are the Miss Macoupin and Junior Miss looking forward to?

“I’m really excited about the Demo Derby,” Dworzynski said. “I didn’t get to go to it last year, so I’m really excited to see it this year.”

“Just walking around with my queen,” Marcacci said.

Both Dworzynski and Marcacci participated in the Miss Macoupin and Junior Miss pageants in 2012 but did not place.

“I was so busy this whole summer so I wasn’t able to make a lot of the practices, so I had to do a lot of the interviewing (preparation) on my own,” Dworzynski said.

Pageant practice began in May
Pageant director Julie Fischer said practices for this year’s competition started in mid-May.

“We started preparing for the pageant months ago but the first official practice was May 18,” Fischer said.

Pageant practices were held at a church in Gillespie.
“The girls had their official pictures for the program taken there and they were given all the information, the contract was read to them, that sort of thing,” she said. “They basically just found out what’s going to happen the night of the competition, and what to expect, how we were going to practice, how we were going to prepare.”

Fischer briefly addressed what goes into judging the contest.

“The bulk of the pageant is judged in the personal interview, and that takes place in the afternoon leading up to the competition,” Fischer said. “Everything has a bearing on the result.”

Both Marcacci and Dworzynski addressed the on-stage question portion of the June 25 pageant.

“I really didn’t know what to expect,” Marcacci said. “I just answered the first thing that came to my mind.”

Dworzynski was sequestered backstage in a bus prior to the on-stage questions, and was the last of 11 Miss Macoupin contestants to answer three questions.

“Since I had tripped like three times earlier, I was really relaxed because I thought I’d already bombed it. I think that since I was so relaxed, I just kind of said exactly what came to my mind.”

2012 Miss Macoupin Chloe Walton first asked Dworzynki to provide her motto for life.

Dworzynki’s response at the pageant: Go big or go home.

The answer generated laughter among the audience.

“When they laughed, that made me feel a lot more comfortable, too,” Dworzynski said.

Dworzynski will be a junior at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville in the fall.

Marcacci will be in eighth grade at Gillespie Middle School for the 2013-14 school year that starts in August.

Dworzynski has an older sister and brother, a younger sister and a niece and nephew.

Her niece joined her on stage for a few photographs after Dworzynski was crowned.

“I think she was really excited about the fireworks more than me actually winning,” Dworzynski said.

As for fair activities June 26, Dworzynski and Marcacci took part in the Senior King and Queen luncheon with the rest of the 2013 fair royalty, and were scheduled to be interviewed by radio station WSMI-FM 106.1.

Dworzynski and Marcacci will be attending several festivals, fairs and other events this summer. In addition, they will be taking part in the annual Miss Illinois County Fair Queen Pageant Jan. 16-19 in Springfield. The event is sponsored by the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs.