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Weather permitting, fireworks slated for Saturday at fairgrounds

By Eric Becker   Fireworks will again light up the Carlinville night sky this Saturday as the […]

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Man in dark car reportedly approaching children in

Several law enforcement agencies in the county have received reports over the last week of an unidentified […]

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Beaver Dam remaining open through July 4 holiday

By Kathleen Clark Beaver Dam State Park remains open despite rumors of its closing this week. Park […]

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Lions Queen candidates announced

This year, six young women will vie for the title of Lions Queen for the 72nd Lions […]


Sports Extra

By Eric Becker   As long as there are professional sports, I will be a happy camper. While I do think athletes are well overpaid, they do perform on the greatest of stages in the greatest of places. If I ever inherit a ton of money, and it hasn’t happened yet, obviously, I would find time to tour the country and Toronto and visit all 30 major league parks in one fell swoop. That would be my at the top of my ultimate bucket list. Will it happen? No, I don’t see it happening. I’ve heard of people who have done this, and am quite jealous. Recently, I wrote down a list of all the stadiums and arenas that I have visited (that I could recall) over the past three-plus decades of following sports. The list is pretty lengthy,